Chandler S. | Bethel HS

Class of 2016 | Melissa Ide Photography

I was able to spend a cold, slightly rainy, Sunday morning with Chandler and his cousin Alex a few weeks ago. We met up in front of the Tacoma Glass Museum and crossed our fingers in hopes that the torrential downpour would stop. It just so happens that we were in luck and within a few minutes of arriving the rain lifted.

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Chandler shared that he is an avid musician with an emphasis on the bass clarinet and one of his favorite classes is wind ensemble. He happens to play clarinet as well.

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After shooting around downtown for a bit, we took a drive over to Wright Park to capture a few images of Chandler in his element. He was sharing with me that his other favorite class in school this year is conservation and wildlife. The students are learning the science and history behind wildlife and our department of fish and wildlife.

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When asked about college Chandler said that he loves the idea of attending PLU where I think he would do amazing!

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