Princess Dot | Puyallup Pet Photographer

Melissa Ide Photography

My mom, Toni, has been a huge help to the family the last few years by watching Sophia while I was working full time at the school. Well, Sophia started this school this year and mom has felt a little unmotivated and unnecessary. She spent a few weeks doing some research and let us know that she was interested in getting herself a new puppy. A puppy?! I thought she was crazy!!! Puppies are like fuzzy, little newborns and require so much time and effort. I knew she was right though and she did need something. So, on Thanksgiving she drove over and picked up her Princess Dot.

This crazy puppy, ‘Killer’ as she is affectionately called,  is a mix of Chihuahua and Papillon and has made a huge difference in my mom already. There have been some early mornings and a few puppy accidents but my mom isn’t complaining. She has lit a new passion for life within her and it is amazing to see.

Welcome to the family Princess Dot.