Princess Dot | Puyallup Pet Photographer

Melissa Ide Photography

My mom, Toni, has been a huge help to the family the last few years by watching Sophia while I was working full time at the school. Well, Sophia started this school this year and mom has felt a little unmotivated and unnecessary. She spent a few weeks doing some research and let us know that she was interested in getting herself a new puppy. A puppy?! I thought she was crazy!!! Puppies are like fuzzy, little newborns and require so much time and effort. I knew she was right though and she did need something. So, on Thanksgiving she drove over and picked up her Princess Dot.

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This crazy puppy, ‘Killer’ as she is affectionately called,  is a mix of Chihuahua and Papillon and has made a huge difference in my mom already. There have been some early mornings and a few puppy accidents but my mom isn’t complaining. She has lit a new passion for life within her and it is amazing to see.

Welcome to the family Princess Dot.