About two weeks ago, our house expanded a bit. I am happy to announce that we have 2 newborns!!! Okay, so they’re kittens, that’s close enough, right?

My kids are absolutely thrilled that we were able to pick our kitties from Daffodil’s litter. Choosing names took a little bit of time but in the end we decided to name them after flowers like their mother. The cutie on the left is Daisy and the one on the right is Lily.

So far, these two have been a very energetic addition to our household. They have reminded us of what it is like to have small kids in the house, like toddlers that get into everything!!! Watching them develop their little personalities is so much fun. Lily, on the right, is a bit quieter. Usually. She has an incredible ability to climb, quickly!

Lily was over the photo shoot and found a chair to go lay in. This is Daisy. She is very lovey and enjoys snuggling right into your chin.

Daisy wanted to share her awesome paws in this one. She has these amazing front paws that have extra toes. So cute!

These two have already found a place in our hearts and I am looking forward to watching the kids and kitties grow together even more.