I have been blessed to work with an amazing woman, teacher, and friend. Stephanie Haegele was my son’s 6th grade Quest teacher at Pope and is one of my favorite people. Stephanie and her husband, Dan, had some amazing news in June. They were going to be parents!!! Their little boy, Henry, had been born and was waiting for them in Tokyo.

My lovely friend told me that when she returned from Tokyo they would probably be looking to have some family portraits done. I was so glad to get the call after they had gotten settled.

So here he is, introducing Henry.

Let me tell you about two awesome things in this picture. The Mickey and pillow are both items that Stephanie has been holding onto for about 20 years. She purchased them when she used to work at the Disney Store with the intention of one day giving them to her baby. I’m so glad that she finally got to share them with Henry.

I was told that Henry hated tummy time so we were a little reluctant to try this shot. He seemed to be okay with it and I have to say he kind of rocked it!

This adorable, little blanket was a gift from Henry’s birth mom. Stephanie was able to bring it home with him.

First official family portrait.

Doesn’t Henry look dapper?! This adorable bow tie was a gift. We had the best time trying to make Henry laugh, it was adorable.

Oh Henry, I see so many more kisses, snuggles, and loves in your future. What a beautiful family you guys have become and I can’t wait to watch you all continue to grow. Thank you for allowing me to document this special time in your lives.

Sessions like these make my heart melt. Contact me below to document all of the special moments in your lives as well.