So, it’s a new year and that always seems to mean an increase in getting healthy/weight loss resolutions. I have no such resolution. Last year in January, I ordered myself a stair stepper. The goal for me was to start recovering from the cancer garbage and what it had done to my body. I lost 16 pounds after I started keeping track, and I have kept it off to date. It definitely made me feel better both physically and mentally and it allowed me to regain some of my abilities.

While it is awesome to look and feel better, I have a few more reasons to continue getting healthier. My breast cancer was an estrogen receptive type which means estrogen caused it to grow more. I take Tamoxifen to help my body block absorption of extra estrogen, the goal is to help prevent the cancer from coming back. Apparently, body fat produces estrogen! I’d like to lose approximately 10 more pounds or whatever will bring my abdominal fat down to a healthier quantity. Tamoxifen can also cause blood clots in the legs and I am hoping that the exercise that I will be doing can help to prevent them.

I recently joined a Facebook group with a friend. The idea behind the group was to provide accountability and support. We chose to embark on a 30 day challenge. We officially start the challenge today, Jan 3. I have contemplated the list of items included and will be making a few changes. I’ve read that 1/2 gallon of water per day is more reasonable than a full gallon. I appreciated this little tidbit because I work in a school and access to a restroom is not always easy or convenient. I also know that is much more water than I have been consuming on a daily basis and feel it will be a huge improvement to me. We’ll see if I can consume 1/2 to 3/4 per day.

I will be supplementing my routine with biceps curls and work on my shoulders and back in lieu of the planks. I have residual side effects after the double mastectomy, radiation, and reconstruction that are hindering movement currently. It will be amazing to gain more strength back.


One other benefit of exercising? A little bit of  me time. I love that I can climb on my stepper, put in my ear buds, and just enjoy some music. It seems that many days I was neglecting myself. Boo!


Of course I have already made a lot of dietary changes that I intend to continue with. I have cut out red meat and eat a lot of chicken and turkey instead.  And as for soda, I gave that up a while ago.  I do have a love for pasta so during this challenge I am going to work on cutting the portions down, I’m not a fan of deprivation. I’m also going to work on adding in even more vegetables and salads.

Lifestyle changes rock!


I’ve chosen to include two before images. I’m hoping to see some physical change in appearance after the 30 days and wanted something to look back at. Starting weight: 146 pounds at 5’5″