So, I was in the studio recently and I moved my new reflector. Apparently, I stopped paying attention to the fact that there was a hanging light fixture in the way.

And then crash!

Nothing quite like the universe telling me that it is, in fact, time to replace the light that has been driving me nuts.

My daughter and I took a drive to Home Depot with the goal of picking out a new fixture. We stood in the aisle for what seemed like an eternity looking at all of the options. I finally chose a new LED fixture without bulbs, which is the coolest thing ever. It was short and cute, and has a guard! Hopefully, no more broken glass.

I broke out the tools, flipped the breaker off, and climbed up my step stool. It was time to remove the 1980’s fixture.


After fighting with some stubborn nuts and bolts, I was able to get down to the wires and light box.


I made sure to read through all of the directions, checked parts, and prepared to put up the new LED fixture.

Then, disappointment struck! The power supply to the light ring was not attached, it had broken off at the store.

Back to Home Depot where they gracefully accepted the product back and allowed me to inspect the new fixture. It was in perfect condition.

After the second trip and my husband returning home, we were able to get back to work. He helped me to strip the wires back, we wired them in, and then he tucked all of the wires into the box.

After reinstalling the nuts and bolts, the light was installed!!! And I love it!

I tried so hard to be independent in installing my light but in the end needed a bit of help. I am ok with that. It was fun to be strong and to attempt it on my own first.

In the end, I know that my husband and I are an incredible team.

I am now enjoying the new light and have moved my reflectors around with no broken glass. Life is good.