Sometimes we get lucky when a cheerleader comes into our lives; Dorothy happens to be great at it. She is an amazingly strong woman who has been through her fair share but always has kind and uplifting words when someone is struggling. She is a strong advocate for her students and I know that they adore her. She has even been so amazing as to surprise me with flowers before a major surgery that I had.

I was incredibly excited when Dorothy said she would come in for portraits. She has a birthday coming up soon and this seemed like the perfect way to pamper and celebrate her. Kelsea, our fabulous makeup artist, came in and spent some time enhancing Dorothy’s beauty. Then we took about an hour to go through and photograph a few different sides of her.

Thank you Dorothy for being you!

Keep watching the page for more updates and changes. I am at an exciting place in my life and this business is my passion. I love sharing what I do with you and can’t wait to show you more.

Contact me so we can pamper and photograph you. I want to help you to remember to love yourself just as you are right now. Let’s all exist in portraits.