Today, I am so excited to be able to share Kelsea with everybody. She is an amazing makeup artist that I had the opportunity to work with recently, from Equinox Makeup Artistry. I asked Kelsea to come in and have her portraits done and these are a few of the images that we captured.

Afterward, I asked Kelsea if she would share more about herself with you through a short set of questions…

1.       Why did you start doing makeup/what made you fall in love with it?

– I think it started roughly when any girl starts discovering makeup, right around 8th grade. Just the normal things like some brown eyeliner and mascarpone sparkly lip gloss and when my mom allowed it some black eyeliner. But as I got older and started to discover more about myself and my style, my taste in makeup changed. Makeup started to become more than just makeup. It became an art, a passion of mine like someone who is passionate about drawing or painting. Every day I looked at my face and I didn’t just see my face, I saw a fresh canvas with the possibility to look like anything. Thus makeup became more to me than a quick morning routine, makeup made its way into my life and my heart as something I get excited about and look forward to doing every day.



2.       Where did you go to school for makeup?

– I went to the Art of Makeup in Vancouver, WA. It was in an old-fashioned building with a lot of history and was one of many businesses located inside. My main teacher was Celena and she was a wonderful, vibrant woman who obviously loved what she did and loved teaching others such as myself about makeup.

3.       What is your favorite style; for example fantasy or bridal/portrait?

– By far I’d have to say fantasy. The options, the possibilities they are all endless! Whatever you can imagine it can be done and can come to life and watching something you or someone else had created unfold on someone’s skin is just beautiful. Not to mention the fun in seeing something other than your everyday smoky eye.

4.       Tell me a bit about yourself?

– I’m a wife and have a beautiful daughter. I grew up in Chelan, WA before moving to Puyallup, WA when I was around 5. I’m absolutely in love (and slightly obsessed) with Anything Halloween, followed by vintage, 80’s, elven lore and style and Anything strange. I guess all-around I’m just some strange and whimsical person who likes such things.

5.       Anything else you want to share?

– I always strive to do my best in What I love to do, but I also love to get to know the people I work with. When you meet me I’ll love to get to know you and chat. I love to smile and make others enjoy their experiance with me and my service and I never want anyone i work with to feel like they can’t talk to me or give me ideas or how they feel they want to look. Because my client is always my priority and I want people to leave feeling as good as they look.

So there you go, a glimpse into Kelsea. Now obviously not everybody can pull off the fantasy makeup look, so we’re going to have to utilize Kelsea’s skills with glamour makeup. I am looking forward to having her in the studio to enhance more of our clients through her makeup artistry. We are on an amazing journey and I hope you continue along with us. Please feel free to contact Kelsea for your bridal and prom makeup as well.

And as always, I would love to have you in for a portrait session. Please feel free to contact me with any questions and to schedule your session.