Sometimes, you see a quality in a person’s look, and you just have to get them in front of your camera. I met GeorgiaGene a few month’s ago, when they visited the studio to model makeup applications for Kelsea of Equinox Makeup Artistry. After that, I arranged to have them back. GeorgiaGene has this amazing, classic look that I knew would look stunning in this bugle bead dress. The dress is an option in the studio wardrobe that is available for you to be photographed in. 

Have I mentioned lately, that I am a lover of black and white images? Well, I am. I love this set in black and white, it allows their expression to show through. GeorgiaGene loved being on stage when they were in high school, and I think they should return to it. <3

These images all speak to modeling/acting to me. If you are ever looking for modeling or acting headshots, contact me and we can get those created for you. 

Sometimes, an image just tells you how it should be edited. These two images were screaming old Hollywood, so I went for it. I’d have to say that these are two of my favorite edits ever. If you can imagine yourself looking this fabulous, you might want to get in touch and schedule your own session.