I’m so excited to share this session. The Haegele’s have been on the blog before. Last time was just after they had adopted their son Henry. This time they joined me in the studio for a family portrait session that included their beautiful girl Ellie! I am friends with Stephanie on social media, I’m kind of lucky that way, and I noticed one fine day that she was in Tokyo. I perked up a bit and thought, ‘she is a Disney buff, maybe she’s visiting Disney.’ In my gut I knew it was something else though, and then there were pictures of their girl. Their family was complete. 

I asked Stephanie to share about their adoption and will add it at the bottom after all of the cuteness.

“So, we started waiting in the spring on 2017 for word on a baby girl from Japan being referred to the U.S. for adoption. This would be our second adoption and we were anxious to have a sibling for our son. We were contacted by our agency in late July about a boy being born the following day and wanting to know if we still wanted to wait for a girl referral. We replied that we would wait, but would be happy to go get the boy in the meantime. A few days later, we were told that the boy was actually born a girl! Voila! We were on our way to prepping once again to head to Japan. There was lots to do but we thought it would be much easier since we had already done this once before. Foolish thinking as it turned out. The prep work done, we were on our way to Japan with a 15 month old on the plane. Yikes! We kept him entertained for the 10 hour flight and only had one small melt down. We were excited, but the logistics were kind of the main focus until we got to our hotel in Japan. We settled in at our hotel on Saturday and knew that Sunday was going to bring us our little girl and complete our family. When Sunday rolled around and the agency brought our girl to our hotel room, I was overcome with joy and happiness. I held her for a very long time before allowing my husband the same privilege. Henry didn’t know what to think, but he was grinning and petting her hair. Of course, he didn’t know that she would be here to stay. From there on out, the family adjustments began. We were overwhelmed trying to manage two babies, jet-lagged, and lost as to how to take care of this needy little 3 week old baby with a jealous brother. It didn’t get better once we returned home a week later. Dan returned to work and I was left trying to figure out motherhood with two under two. But, as time went on and we all adjusted, things have smoothed out. We never lost sight of how fortunate we are to be the parents of these two precious children and wouldn’t change any of it if we could. We love what our family has become and look forward to every day we have with them. Ellie has stolen our hearts, just as Henry did and I couldn’t be happier. The future is bright!”

Congratulations my friends! I loved seeing you with both of your babies.