A double posting!!! You get two weeks for the price of one because I didn’t get the previous week posted. For the current week, I found myself falling behind. I believe there were two reasons for this. Lack of time/energy on some days was the first issue. The second issue, having an amazing image in my head that I wanted to nail and making sure that I did. I am still enjoying this project, I tend to get bored easily, but that hasn’t happened yet. I’ve also been working on some marketing pieces which involved a session specific to that purpose. Slowly but surely, everything is coming together and I love that you are on this journey with me.
Day 36 – Contrast
Day 37 – Stop
Day 38 – Shoulder
Day 39 – Nature
Day 40 – Energy
Day 41 – Light
Day 42 – Free Spirit – Lilac
Day 43 – Stressed
Day 44 – Emotion
Day 45 – Love
Day 46 – Squishy
Day 47 – Mess
Day 48 – Blur
Day 49 – Free Spirit – Snowy Gnome