I have to admit, I was totally on the struggle bus this week. I’ve been pretty down lately, just in general, and felt like my creativity was just nonexistent. It was only after inspiration hit, Hulk Strong, that a spark lit under me. My amazing husband suggested that I do the entire week using Sophia’s Hulk and that was that. All seven days are Hulk themed. I have a feeling more characters might turn up in this project and I’m totally ok with that. On a side note, I’ve been working on some marketing that I’m getting close to sharing soon with all of the moms. You’ll have to wait just a while longer. I’m so excited!

Day 50 – Pink
Day 51 – Vision
Day 52 – Strong
Day 53 – Heavy
Day 54 – Lazy
Day 55 – Easy
Day 56 – Free Spirit – “Hulk Smash!”