Hi I’m Melissa

I’m a wife to Jay; you might see him occasionally when he comes along and holds my giant reflector.

I’m a mother to Tyler, Thomas, and Miss Sophia; occasionally they tag along and hold reflectors as well.

I love to wear my Chucks, jeans, and T-shirts.

My Jeep is my favorite car to work on… although I would rather it worked all the time so I could drive with the roof off.

My first camera was a film Pentax back in college. I attended Cornish College of the Arts and received my BFA in 1999. During my second year in school I moved over to a film Nikon and I am occasionally breaking that out during sessions now. I am a lover of black and white, it comes from processing and printing my own images in college.

I have beaten Stage III, Her2+ and double hormone+ Breast Cancer and some days I am still wrapping my head around the fact that I’ve won. What does this mean for clients? I have the occasional follow up appointments now but I am booking around them and look forward to having new clients in.

My goal is to capture your memories and help you exist in portraits.

Contact me and we can meet in person.